Hand Therapy

hand therapy nsw

Hand Therapy

Our devoted staff provide professional care, expertise and a range of treatments to fulfil the individual needs of our clients. During consultation we are able to:

  • Examine and assess using various techniques, tools and advise treatment options to recover from hand injury

  • Appropriate treatment protocols using various thermoplastic splint materials, water proof casts for hand, fingers, wrist, elbow or shoulder

  • We closely liaise with the Surgeons, Doctors and Family members and write reports at priligy sans ordonnance

Our experienced dedicated professionals will help you reach maximum improvement and optimum function of your hand and enhance Pokebud your quality of life. We also make Work site visits, Ergonomic Assessments and recommend work place modifications appropriately.

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Conditions Treated

  • Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • De Querveins Syndrome

  • Burns

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Finger / Wrist fractures

  • Finger Deformity

  • Tennis Elbow – Epicondylosis

  • Scar Management

  • Trigger Finger

  • Lacerations

  • Hand and Finger sprains

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Post Surgical treatment

What is InterX Therapy?

This is a non-invasive, drug-free, and painless technology for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

InterX Therapy is a neuro-stimulation technology that has been clinically proven to reduce pain, reduce medication intake, increase the range of motion, and reduce inflammation. Controlled clinical trials have shown a 90% success rate in reducing pain. Our InterX Web Site device is FDA cleared for pain relief and pain management. Unlike medications that are commonly used for pain relief, there are no adverse side effects to the treatment.

Alleviate pain is almost always the top priority for any rehabilitation plans since it limits movement and lifestyle. InterX Therapy is designed to boost the body’s healing ability for reducing pain and restoring function to a person’s life.

InterX provides interactive electrical stimulation to the cutaneous (skin) nerves that regulate the body’s pain signaling and inflammatory response. By applying the stimulation to the nerves across the skin, the body will release its own natural pain-relieving chemicals e.g. endorphins

InterX Therapy is different from other electrical stimulation devices such as TENS. InterX Therapy is able to:

1. Scan (without gel) and identify the right place to treat hand https://vapejuicedepot.com/collections/milk-vape-juice-flavors, wrist, arm, and shoulder.

2. Deliver simulation using high amplitude and high current density without any discomfort – up to 20 times stronger compared to TENS without uncomfortable muscle contractions.

3. Provide specific and targeted treatment -it allows a wide range of low and high frequencies and variable waveforms for specific acute and chronic conditions

4. Can be used in conjunction with other treatment to help return patients to active rehabilitation in optimal time.

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Who would benefit from InterX Therapy?

  • Those that have pain where nothing else has worked for them.

  • Those that have nerve numbness, pain, or burning that is not relieved by injections or medications.

  • Long-term problems from injury, failed surgeries, or disease that interferes with sleep and simple activities e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Our Staff

Our team of highly trained Hand / Occupational therapists in Sutherland and Burwood are committed to helping you improve your quality of life.

All our team members are knowledgeable, attentive and have the experience required to give you best hand therapy and hand injury treatment NSW. We work closely with hand surgeons.

Our main objective is to provide up-to-date health care treatments for our patients in a dignified, confidential, professional and caring manner.

hand injury treatment nsw
hand therapy nsw


Our services include initial 40 minutes assessment and follow up consultations, professional and comprehensive advice, specialised treatments by highly skilled, qualified therapists and ongoing. support and preventative measures for a variety of injuries and hand conditions.