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medical legal assessment

Medico-legal Assessment

Occupational Therapy Medico-Legal Assessment assists to determine the impact of an injury on a person’s life, including activities at home, work and leisure.

The Medical Legal Assessment identifies a person’s:

  • Level of independence

  • Pre-injury and post-injury status

  • Ability to perform tasks

  • Capacity to fulfil pre-injury roles

  • Any requirements for past and future care

  • Ability is assessed through:

  • Observation of performance of selected activities

  • Assessment of the environment (eg. home, work)

  • Interview with the plaintiff and carer/s

  • Available medical documentation and reports

Our assessments ensure that the impact of injury is ascertained in relation to each individual. Accordingly, requirements and recommendations vary from person-to-person.

The Occupational Therapy Medico Legal Assessment report addresses the questions posed in the instructions and analysis of function in areas such as:

  • Personal care

  • Domestic duties

  • Vocational ability

  • Educational & training needs

  • Capacity to care for others (eg. dependents, children)

  • Community access ( eg. driving, transport)

  • Living skills (eg. ability to manage own affairs)

  • Ability to engage in leisure activities

Where applicable, consideration is given to past and/or future requirements (eg. gratuitous care prognosis, changes to circumstances, ageing and care).

Occupational Therapy expert witness - medico-legal reports are based on sound methodology, with clear rationale and principles of Evidence-Based Practice.

Occupational therapists offer a holistic approach to therapy: they work with a patient’s entire support team. In this case, your elderly loved one’s care and support team are your family, their aged care providers, and other medical professionals they see on a regular basis. Occupational therapists work closely with the support team to make sure that every person your parent or grandparent interacts with understands and assumes their role in the patient’s progress.

Since the goal of occupational therapy is to help an elderly person manage daily life better, everyone else who plays a part in their daily life can and should be involved in their therapy, too -- not necessarily as professionals in the way that an occupational therapist or rehabilitation consultant is. Occupational therapists will encourage other individuals to provide support and care to the patient as well.

This improves and informs the work of the aged care provider who takes care of the patient. Aged care providers with patients undergoing occupational therapy often opt to leave the patients to do a task by themselves (while still keeping a close eye on them), only coming to the rescue when they see a need to. The patients’ doctors may also change their medication or recommended diet depending on the patients’ progress with occupational therapy – this varies from patient to patient whole sale bud, as the patient may also be managing a specific illness apart from being at an advanced age.

Finally, families come in to offer moral and emotional support to their loved one, which further encourages the patient to strive harder. Occupational therapy is, therefore, a shared journey

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The Recommendations

Recommendations are aimed at maximising a person’s level of functional independence. Recommendations may include:

  • Intervention: Future therapy, treatment and/ or rehabilitation needs.

  • Equipment: Adaptive aids or equipment including type, cost, supplier.

  • Environmental Modifications: Access, accommodation requirements, home modifications and options.

  • Transport: Vehicle modifications and requirements, transport funding or licensing.

  • Care Requirements: Type of care (eg. domestic assistance, attendant care, nursing care) hours, cost and suppliers.

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